Assignment Goals

You will be adding a page to this digital citizenship wiki. The goals of this page are to:
  1. Provide, in easy to understand terms, information about a digital citizenship topic.
  2. Provide opportunities to learn more about the digital citizenship topic.
  3. Assess learners on the information provided.
  4. Apply what you know about digital law by adhering to laws and ethical practices regarding copyright, intellectual property, and plagiarism.

Topic Assignments

Digital Access
Emily, Samantha, Cindy
Digital Commerce
Clinton, Brian
Digital Communication
Rebecca, Jordan
Digital Literacy
Ray, Rachel
Digital Etiquette
Katie, Jeremiah
Digital Rights and Responsibilities
Natalie, Jared
Digital Health and Wellness
Philip, Melissa
Digital Security
Jacob, Kyle

The following tutorials will assist you in completing these tasks:
Wikispaces Tours (Click the pull-down arrow to choose the applicable tutorial)
Finding the Embed Code for a YouTube Video
Embedding a YouTube video in Wikispaces
Creating a Google Form
Embedding a Google Form in Wikispaces
  1. Thoroughly research your digital citizenship topic.
  2. Create a wiki page that includes the following sections:
    1. Definition and Overview
      • What is the definition of your digital citizenship topic?
      • What is the key information that needs to be known about the topic?
        • Make sure you are writing in a manner that is easy to understand.
        • Make sure you are citing your sources appropriately, using APA citation (see the Purdue Online Writing Lab for assistance).
    2. Learn More
      • How can readers learn more? You should direct them to quality, user-friendly, and relevant information.
      • Embed an informative video.
    3. Show What You Know
      • In Google Forms, create a multiple choice quiz that assesses learners on the content of your wiki page and the extra resources.
      • Make sure you include a "Name" text box.
      • Embed the form in the wiki page.
    4. References
      • Provide references for any sources that were cited. You must use APA style, but the references do not need to be indented.
    5. Resources for Teachers and Kids
      • Provide at least 3 resources that teachers and/or kids could use in the classroom. These are different from the "learn more" resources. The "learn more" resources are designed to help someone understand the topic better and master the quiz that you develop. These resources are meant to be integrated into the classroom.
    6. Use "Headings 1" font for the Headings.
    7. Use "Normal" font for the other text.
    8. Include a Table of Contents.