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Definition: Having the right to use any and all digital technologies, while using it in a accountable manner. As a technology user you have the right to confidentiality and liberty of individual expression. (2008)

The Acceptable Use Policy is a set of rules that are applied by networks and website owners that put limitations on ways in which the website or network is used. AUP's at schools describe what students are allowed to do while working on the computers that the school provides. Downloading music, movies and television shows from the internet without consent from the owners is illegal. To be able to use photos, videos and documents a user must get consent from the original poster.

The internet is a place that students should not fool around with, once you post something on the internet you have lost control of it. A common occurrence for many young users of the internet is cyber bullying. Internet users have the right to report cyber bullies to the proper facilitators, such as the website host.

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